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Social Media : How to Take Profit of The Market Review

It can’t be denied that social media is very powerful tools for various purposes and it is including for business purposes. Social media allows a brand to connect better with its consumers and reach wider prospective market. With more and more people are connected to social media, and spend hours with it, using social media for business becomes more strategic.

The question is how to optimally use social media as business tool. There are many success stories about utilizing social media for business. Some methods are already known widely. It would be better to have a chance learning from those success stories and successful methods so you can adapt it for your own business. Everything can be find here at the new book Michelle Smith, Social Media : How to Take Profit of the Market​. A very interesting book about this topic of social media and business.

What you can find on this book is everything you need to know about utilizing social media with the right strategy with the final goal increasing profits of your business. There are many actionable information available there to implement. The Kindle version of this book is currently available at Amazon with special price. Get it now!


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Increase you Social Media Traffic

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If you own one or two social media account that mean you know about followers or friend list or member or whatever it was called in the social media website. There are many reasons why you open up your account either it was just for fun or maybe you use it to promote your business or for other reason. Seriously talking, the more followers that you have in your account, means that you are more recognizable or popular among other user and if you run your business based on it that it means you have bigger audience and bigger chance to get new customer for your own good.

There are many ways to increase your traffic and make your account are acknowledge by more people. you can always update your content, follow other popular people, make comment on other people account so they will find out about you, and of course make interesting content. Or, you can join, where you can exchange your social media with other people that can help to increase your traffic and make more people realize about you.

When it talk about social media exchange than what social media that you can go and exchange? You can exchange for almost all social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterst and others. The best part from this site is you can join and get it all for free. Free Twitter Followers, Free Retweets, Free Website Traffic, Free Facebook Likes and many more free followers that come for free, no cost at all.

Although is sound good, but what about the security breach? It was hard enough to deal with someone else hijack your account and now you want to exchange it on a site that can be potentially dangerous. This is wont happen in this site because you won’t be asked anything about your password and the site itself follow and abide all policies in all social network sites. It was safe for you to join there and by doing simple action that you can do easily, you can have more followers in one or in your entire social network site.

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Celeb on Twitter and the Use of Twitter for Them

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Twitter has been like a compulsory account to be owned by people, especially celebrity. As you may have seen the president of America also has this account. Twitter is the place for numerous actors, actress, singers, companies, agencies, authors, and many more to post what they think or what they want to promote. This twitter seems to have a huge responds from many parts and make fans even get closers to their favorite idols as people can follow and be followed. The same thing is christian bale twitter. Christian bale seems to have this twitter account with 26,726 followers, 66 following, and is currently found to have 290 twits.

Such christian bale twitter mostly contains of words that he wants to share to public or his re-tweets to people in his following account. There is a post saying “Sibi says I spend too much time on twitter” posted by Christian in the ninth of December. This shows that Christian to have used this twitter account in most of his time. This is quite an interesting post as there are many people that pay concern to this. People assume that Christian has already been addicted to twitter.

It seems that not only Christian Bale that gets addicted to twitter as besides christian bale twitter there are many other celebs and musicians that will spend no day without twitting in their twitter accounts. Their posts are quite varied and mostly famous super stars would post about their daily activities including their shows, filming activities, and many more. Those attract many of their fans attention that follow them in twitter and make the fans feel so close with their favorite celebs.

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Kanye West Twitter’s Short Biography in 140 Characters

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Kanye West, a rapper from Chicago, America is a multitalented celebrity. As a rapper, he has released five albums and all received platinum success. Until now he has collected fourteen Grammy award. Not only just a rapper and singer, Kanye West is also a music producer and has a record company called Good Music and has produced Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and Eminem. In fact, he initially began his career as a producer and a few years later, in 2002 began a solo career as a rapper and singer. It turned out that his skill in solo career is not less than producing, as seen by many awards he won.

Besides music, Kanye West also has interests in other businesses. He had opened the restaurant business, and it was discovered his passion is in fashion. On kanye west twitter he states that he has ever designed shoes for Nike named Air Yeezys, and it became opportunity to design for Nike every two years. He also wrote in kanye west twitter that he has been working with Fendi and Louis Vuitton, and that he participated in the Paris Fashion Week and introduced his fashion collections for women. Kanye West dedicates a lot of time and ideas and capital to build a fashion company. And he already has a fashion company that he named Donda, taken from the name of his mother, Donda West.

In kanye west twitter which he updates dozens of times on January 5, Kanye West said that he made the fashion as a dream and he has been working to establish this company for years. He said that perhaps his inspiration in designing clothing line for women is his mother. From here also we can see that Kanye West has so much attention to education system. Perhaps this is because he was a student who dropped out because he wanted to pursue a career in music, when he was a brilliant student. Kanye West also expressed his opinion about his mother, Grammy award, London Riot, Wall Street and of course about her passion for fashion that led him to the new company he founded. His tweet last day closed with brilliant words of Bernard Shaw, who reminds us that the idea is something that is easy to find but also very expensive and valuable. It could be given but could not be stolen. These words remind us that by sharing our ideas we would never lose but it would enrich us.

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