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Twitter Vine and Its Benefits for Users

catching_a_tweetToday, the use of social networking such as personal blog is just getting bigger and bigger. There are so many options we can find and one of the most popular one all over the world is Twitter. And now, the active Twitter users can also use the platform of Twitter vine which is able to give the users to show what they have in a form of video. This one is absolutely great thing and we all can find out that there are so many benefits we can get from this new application from Twitter. Before we talk further about the benefits it is good to know what the Twitter vine is about.

Get to Know Twitter Vine

Well, Vine is a kind of mobile app that is introduced and developed by Twitter. This can be used by the users to create and also post such short video clips with the maximum length only for 6 seconds. It is not only for Vine because it can be shared to other social networking services such as Twitter itself and also Facebook and many more. This app is free for the iOS on the iPod Touch and iPhone. So the users can simply create and record through the Vine’s in app camera. It is easy and it can be downloaded through the internet easily too but you have to be at least 17 to be able to download the app. Why? This is because of Apple’s request to Twitter that it violates the term service of Apple. Just so you know, only less than a week, the pornographic video clips were there and this is a problem for Apple, not Twitter. So, practically, to enjoy this twitter vine app, you have to be at least 17 after the request of Apple.

The Benefits for Users

As the internet users are the targets of this online marketing, sure this can be really good for you who run business to use this app. This is easy because you can create and share your business in a form of clip to the worlds. You can use it as a very communicative media to show people about your business, company, and the products too. This is going to give the other users to get to know about it and by showing them in a form of video, it will be more interesting and some people find it is more effective than just a picture. So, for those who are running business and need the power of internet, this can be a perfect solution.


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