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Twitter celeb star Kim Kardashian wants to buy David Beckham’s palace

After hear info about David Beckham waKim Kardashiannts to sell his luxury palace, Twitter celeb star Kim Kardashian very interested and start to arrange a deal with her real estate agent in Los Angeles and visit to Beckingham Palace di Sawbridgeworth, Herts, England. Seems like Beckham will stay focus in a long time in United State, because David Beckam now play in one of the best football club in Los Angeles, that is LA Galaxy.

Kim Kardashian wants to make the palace that cost 18 millions Pounds to be her base of big family in Europe. So the family who travel to England or any place in Europe can get steady place to sleep. Yes, Beckingham Palace will be the best place to her big clan of family. Kim Kardashian well know have a big clans of family that must be need travel around the world and do other activities in Europe.

Beckham and his wife, Victoria Adams bought the palace with the price only 2,5 millions Pounds in 1999. They have spend a lot of money to renovate the palace. Including add swimming pool, golf court, fitness center, studio recording, helicopter landing, and horse cage. I have saw on television that The palace’s bathroom is made some with gold and many expensive materials.

Kim Kardashian have a plan to make the palace as a family base and also may rent spaces of some historical about Beckham’s fans to get a big income. I think with Kim Kardashian efforts, that will be a good idea for her to get some money from the palace, also the palace itself not so empty because the Beckham family now stay at United State.


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Benefit of Dating Site to Help You Finding Your Soul Mate

Besides looking for the economy settlement in this life, people actually also any others objectives in their life right? Let’s take an example from how people try hard to find their soul mate who later they want to marry with to make happy family. If we are talking about such dating effort that people may conduct, we actually may find out that it is not as simple as people think. What I mean is that people cannot depend mainly on the fate and wait for any event when they may meet their soul mate.

This article mainly stress on how people can conduct effort in looking for their soul mate in better method. In this modern life, why don’t people conduct simpler method to date people by taking benefit from certain technology such as internet? What people can get mainly from internet is to find a dating site that will help them meeting new people to date. Although finding such sites are easy, yet people need to determine one that has quality of service.

If you search on the internet, then I bet you may get reference such as There you can submit your profile and what kind of person you are looking for. Just simple as that then later you may be able to date people in your criteria. Moreover, they also offer you single dating advice to make your effort in looking for your life partner easier.

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