FTISLAND – Take Me Now M/V New Single Hit Video Review

Take Me Now

Music Video Review Translation:

A band who has came back even stronger. An idol band who’s going to the direction of a real band. But does the mainstream audience think the same way?

A little girl is walking in the corridor. This (innocent) girl represents the FTISLAND image their label has made for them.

The girl is holding flowers while walking to the mirror
Flowers=flower boy image

In the mirror she(they) look at the image that their label has made for them.

Then you see a group of people wearing gas masks and a guitar. The guitar = Even though FTISLAND has kept told their label that they want to do hard rock
The group of people wearing gas masks= Their label have ignored them until last year

The girl who has arrived to the mirror throws the flowers to the mirror.
The image that their label wants
The idols that the mainstream audience wants
And the meanstream K-POP that’s popular

The gun=FTISLAND destroyed it all and burned up.

The music video that say that they won’t listen to what you want from us and expressed their strong desire of wanting to do their own music

But there are responsibilities that you have to take after making this decision

If you look at the music charts, it doesn’t go as well as it used to be.

But since last year, changes has definitely took place

Concert ticket sales, album sales and fanclub members all has increased

Throwing away the path to earn money
The desire to do their own music as an artist
This group who’s enjoying this happiness with the burden

Are there any idols out there who can follow their unique spirit?

I look forward to see you guys show the skill you have builded up in the past 9 years

Teaser Site http://www.fncent.com/FTISLAND
Album Release 2016.07.18

Youtube Official: FTISLAND (FT아일랜드)

▷OFFICIAL WEBSITE : http://www.fncent.com/FTISLAND
▷OFFICIAL FANCAFE : http://cafe.daum.net/fti5
▷OFFICIAL FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/FTISLAND
▷OFFICIAL FANCLUB TWITTER : http://twitter.com/ft_fanclub
▷OFFICIAL WEIBO : http://weibo.com/ftislandofficial

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JULIA MCDONALD GRAVITY Review – New Music for Your Ear

Are you looking for fresh new music to listen? Why don’t you try to find music form Indie musicians? Indie music often offers different style and atmosphere than the relatively same trend from the major labels. If you have interest in pop music, check this new artist Julia McDonald with her debut album Gravity.

This 19 years old artist is a singer and song writer. She is praised for her powerful voice and fresh point of view of the lyrics of her song. The self-released debut EP comes with eight songs covering different stories in her life.

Julia McDonald is currently in tour with her band and her music is already high requested in many radios all over the country. You can listen to her music here at Julia McDonald’s audio link. It is guaranteed that you will love her music and feel connected with her stories. You can also buy her music from iTunes from the link available there. It is good to broaden your music perspective with new music from young passionate artist like her. There’s no doubt, she will be a big artist in the future. Don’t miss the opportunity to follow her journey. Get her debut album today and it’s guaranteed you will never regret it.

Album Title – GRAVITY
Audio link – http://tinyurl.com/mmc4rgo

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Proud Shame (From the Album “…Now”) Review

Proud Shame (from the album “…Now”) may seem like a juxtaposition, but the stark contrast of the title is what makes the concept as appealing as it is intriguing. Heavy America has successfully delivered an interesting jam that does not only boast incredible technical crunch throughout the song, but also a combination of fascinating concept and astounding sonic landscape that seems to have disappeared from the rock genre in past few years.

When I heard the single Proud Shame about 3 minutes and 58 second. The song is slow at the beginning and slowly the time is up to the climax till the end of the song. The guitar player is good and the vocal have a high voice but kind a heavy just like the name of the band. I also browse on YouTube that they are often singing for live festival. I like this kind of band give so much efforts this time.

Judging from this song, the band clearly understands the importance of strong as well as reflective songwriting and melodius harmony. The song may not pack as much distortion and intensity one would assume from the title alone, but somewhere along the way it erupts into an astounding and satisfying ambience of classic rock that we have all accustomed to. The beautifully eerie opening which is followed with a glorious guitar riff and mesmerizing vocal melody truly makes it an avant garde piece of art. Yes, that is exactly what the Heavy America has successfully portrayed with Proud Shame, the jam truly embodies the concept of avant garde sans the alienating feeling that often follows. With every section of the song well-executed, non-conforming structure and elements of the song meshed incredibly well, there’s no doubt that this song will be the next best thing.

Artist/Band – Heavy AmericA
Title – Proud Shame (from the album “…Now”)
Audio link – http://tinyurl.com/m4wcou3

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