FTISLAND – Take Me Now M/V New Single Hit Video Review

Take Me Now

Music Video Review Translation:

A band who has came back even stronger. An idol band who’s going to the direction of a real band. But does the mainstream audience think the same way?

A little girl is walking in the corridor. This (innocent) girl represents the FTISLAND image their label has made for them.

The girl is holding flowers while walking to the mirror
Flowers=flower boy image

In the mirror she(they) look at the image that their label has made for them.

Then you see a group of people wearing gas masks and a guitar. The guitar = Even though FTISLAND has kept told their label that they want to do hard rock
The group of people wearing gas masks= Their label have ignored them until last year

The girl who has arrived to the mirror throws the flowers to the mirror.
The image that their label wants
The idols that the mainstream audience wants
And the meanstream K-POP that’s popular

The gun=FTISLAND destroyed it all and burned up.

The music video that say that they won’t listen to what you want from us and expressed their strong desire of wanting to do their own music

But there are responsibilities that you have to take after making this decision

If you look at the music charts, it doesn’t go as well as it used to be.

But since last year, changes has definitely took place

Concert ticket sales, album sales and fanclub members all has increased

Throwing away the path to earn money
The desire to do their own music as an artist
This group who’s enjoying this happiness with the burden

Are there any idols out there who can follow their unique spirit?

I look forward to see you guys show the skill you have builded up in the past 9 years

Teaser Site http://www.fncent.com/FTISLAND
Album Release 2016.07.18

Youtube Official: FTISLAND (FT아일랜드)

▷OFFICIAL WEBSITE : http://www.fncent.com/FTISLAND
▷OFFICIAL FANCAFE : http://cafe.daum.net/fti5
▷OFFICIAL FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/FTISLAND
▷OFFICIAL FANCLUB TWITTER : http://twitter.com/ft_fanclub
▷OFFICIAL WEIBO : http://weibo.com/ftislandofficial

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Pastor Peter Unger recently released his newest gospel track, Grace Filled Man. As a finalist in the U.S International Song Writing Competition, we don’t have to doubt his song making ability and the quality of his music. Furthermore, just like his previous gospel tracks, Grace Filled Man is an excellent song with touching and heartwarming lyric. This lyric is rich with serene ambience and perfectly describes a devotion and gratefulness to God’s grace.

The music is similar yet different with Rev Unger’s previous creations. The tone is warm and peaceful but still has some catchy and upbeat vibe that makes the whole song interesting. The style is also a perfect combination between blue grass, country and traditional Christian gospel with a little bit touch of rock.

It is very impressive to listen how Pastor Unger is capable to fuse every single component of the music together without making the lyric loses its meaning, just as expected from an experienced song writer. Overall, Grace Filled Man can definitely be a hit among Christian music enthusiasts. The music is fun and engaging but it doesn’t cover the fact that it is still a song dedicated to worship God. This is an excellent song to celebrate our life to the Almighty Creator.

Rev Peter Unger
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